Super Soccer Champ - SNES - Used

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Strap on your shinguards and slide into your cleats, because you’re about to take part in the most intense soccer videogame you’ve ever seen on the Super Nintendo. SUPER SOCCER CHAMP, which is based on the arcade hit of the same name, brings all the action and excitement of competitive international soccer into your home with everything you’d expect from a top-notch soccer title. You’re always in control; as you select which player to take charge of and you can do things like slide tackle, trip, shoulder charge, and even punch—whatever it takes to gain control of the ball! Of course, if the referee happens to see you doing anything unsportsmanlike, you’ll pay the price! So choose your squad from the eight available teams, take the field, and get ready for some high-speed, high-intensity soccer with SUPER SOCCER CHAMP.
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