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SUPER PLAY ACTION FOOTBALL gives you the chance to star on three levels of the football hierarchy: high school, college, and the NFL. While the high school and college levels offer fictitious schools and players, the NFL competition offers all teams and players, thanks to the NFL license. Each level of difficulty follows specific rules, so you’ll have a realistic experience no matter which way you play. The pro game is the focus though--there are 32 offensive and 16 defensive plays to choose from, and you can call audibles at the line if you don’t like the way your opponents are lined up. You can play against a friend or the computer, or you and a buddy can team up and play together. With SUPER PLAY ACTION FOOTBALL, all your football fantasies can come true—whether you’ve dreamed about being a high school star, the big man on campus in college, or winning the Super Bowl at the pro level.
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