Super High Impact - Sega Genesis - Used

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If you think you've seen hard-hitting football action before, wait until you get a load of SUPER HIGH IMPACT for the Sega Genesis. With some of the most brutal hits and bone-crunching tackles you've ever seen, you'll be squealing with delightラor screaming in painラas you take the field and go helmet-to-helmet with some of the most powerful players in the game. There are 18 hard-hitting teams and 30 plays to choose from, so your opponent will always be on his toes trying to guess what play you're going to run. The unique Hit-O-Meter rates your tackling ability from モDweebヤ to モAwesome.ヤ Make sure you line your man up and deliver a hit that his even his momma will feel, or else you'll find yourself watching from the sidelines. Slip on your shoulder pads and get ready for the awesome action of SUPER HIGH IMPACT.
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