Super Baseball Simulator 1000 - SNES - Used

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SUPER BASEBALL SIMULATOR 1.000 is the ultimate baseball game for even the most discriminating fan. Create up to six of your own teams, controlling everything from their names and stats to the color of their uniforms. Play through a full season of games, with up to five other participants, or head straight to the playoffs and see if you can bring home the championship. What really sets this game apart from other baseball sims is the addition of Ultra Play, which features over-the-top action. You’ll see things like 200 mph fastballs, fielders leaping hundreds of feet in the air, and an exploding ball. SUPER BASEBALL SIMULATOR 1.000 brings a new twist on the national pastime. So, if you’re in the mood for something a little different or you just want a solid baseball simulation, this game is for you.
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