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While in recent years McGwire and Sosa have set a new standard for what is considered a good year in terms of home run hitting, with SPORTS TALK BASEBALL you can venture back to a time when hitting 40 dingers could win the home run title. That's right, we're going way back to the early 1990s, when players like Will Clark, Cecil Fielder, and Kirby Puckett were taking the game to new heights and Cal Ripken was still chasing Lou Gehrig. You'll find more than 500 Major Leaguers, with all the stats from the 1991 season intact as you go for the World Series and all the glory that comes with it. Take control of your entire team, from pitching to fielding to hitting, as you step up to the plate with one of the first games to offer live play-by-play announcing. Swing for the fences with SPORTS TALK BASEBALL for the Sega Genesis.
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