Spider-Man 2 - GBA - Used

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The city is at risk, and only you can save it from the evil clutches of an old enemy: the powerful Electro. He has a mysterious new device that will make his million volts of destruction even more deadly. But, with Spider-Man on the job, Electro is in for the shock of his life. Sandman and other villains in a nefarious scheme to bring the city to its knees have joined Electro. The all-new costumes are not only fashionable, they're functional. The Insulated Armor will make you impervious to electricity don't even try to fight without it. Create-A-Spider lets you equip Spidey with the right tools for the right job by mixing and matching suits and powers. And Spidey's got a brand new bag of tricks, including Ice and Taser-Webbing.
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