Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with manual - Game Gear - Used

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Dr. Robotnik's done it again! He's transformed South Island's animals into metal robots and kidnapped Sonic's best friend Tails the Fox. Blast into action with Sonic's famous Super Spin Attack. Grab Power Sneakers and turn Sonic into a blazing blur of super hedgehog power and speed.

Bust through secret underground tunnels. Race over falling bridges. Soar to the clouds on bouncing springs. Pick up speed and skim under and over a bubbling lake. Ride moving platforms over spiky pits and leap across endless drops into nowhere! Grab the rings and keep on the lookout for Robotnik's badniks!

All our Game Gear games include the game cartridge and a plastic clamshell storage case. Manuals and boxes are only included where specified.
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