Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren & Stimpy - Game Gear - Used

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Ren & Stimpy, the offbeat favorites of Nickelodeon's hit animated series The Ren & Stimpy Show, head off on a torturous trek to return the hooves of the Great Shaven Yak.

  • Be headstrong, temper-tossing Ren or loyal, gullible Stimpy.
  • Cross tons of terriblt terrain! Secret bonus caves and tunnels in every level!
  • Stimpy coughs a hairball, and Ren tosses a toothbrush! Pick up toast, kitty litter, money, mittens and a Happy Helmet for more power!
  • Crock-O-Stimpys, dirt geysers, egg-bombing buzzards and more bizarre perils await!

All our Game Gear games include the game cartridge and a plastic clamshell storage case. Manuals and boxes are only included where specified.
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