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Do You Have a Green Thumb? So you’ve saved your homeland…lived a wonderful life…and rescued the Harvest Goddess…but can you put your green thumb to the test? Puzzle de Harvest Moon is a fast-paced, highly addictive puzzle game where you grow and harvest crops. Compete against your favorite Harvest Moon characters as you test your farming know-how! • A New Type of Puzzle Game: Instead of copying or using an existing puzzle game, Puzzle de Harvest Moon is an original type of puzzle game created from the world of Harvest Moon. The first of its kind! • Existing Install Base: With over 1.5 million Harvest Moon games sold, there is an established market. • Accessible Gameplay: Puzzle de Harvest Moon utilizes the DS Touch Screen for all game play interaction, allows four players to play from a Single-Card and a variety of different modes of play!
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