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The Princess & The Frog: In the magical, jazz-infused, world of 1920s New Orleans, young Tiana dreams of owning a restaurant but must overcome the hurdles set before her to discover that dreams really do come true. The Princess and the Frog captures the story and style of Disney’s triumphant return to traditional animation in a charming adventure game packed with activities inspired by the film’s events. Features Play as Tiana and Ray and master the art of platforming as you swing, jump and soar to new heights Explore 27 beautiful levels set in New Orleans and the Bayou Go on special quests to find and collect items & ingredients and outsmart enemies along the way Cook New Orleans cuisine in multiple activities and discover real recipes Perform music with 1-4 players and save tunes in the game’s jukebox Use Ray’s special abilities to fly through the Bayou Includes DGamer™ the online community exclusively for Disney gamers. Customize unique 3-D avatar, create a persistent profile, chat with friends, share “Princess and the Frog” themed accessories, earn in-game honors and unlock exclusive Disney content.
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