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Mini Desktop Racing features breakneck racing in the fastest officially licensed Mini game on the Wii. Let loose with a crazy selection of Minis each accurately rendered with distinctive performance abilities. Race your inch-long miniatures around the wildest tracks where everyday objects appear immense in size and can become lethal hazards. It’s a perfect combination of miniature Mini mayhem and madcap multiplayer madness. • Hurl around familiar household environments knocking over trackside objects and causing havoc for your opponents. • Build up your skills and quick reflexes to unlock hidden extras including Minis, upgrades, tracks and much more. • Use the Wii remote in the driving position and control your Mini like your hands were on the steering wheel itself, tilting your controller to maneuver around corners or to ram an opponent off the track. • Compete against friends, wheel to wheel in the insanely competitive multiplayer mode with each track individually designed for a unique racing experience.
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