Kirby's Pinball Land - Game Boy - Used

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Fans of the smash-hit KIRBY’S DREAM LAND will find KIRBY’S PINBALL LAND the perfect companion game. KIRBY’S PINBALL LAND features all the characters, settings, and music of Dream Land—transplanted to a pinball setting. The result is a more challenging and entertaining game than the first, which went out of its way to be kid-friendly. One major difference between the two games is that instead of eating and spitting out his foes, this time Kirby has to bump into as many as possible. KIRBY’S PINBALL LAND features three unique lands (or pinball tables) for Kirby to battle his way through to reach King Dedede. Each of the lands is modeled after levels from DREAM LAND, down to the same music. A special Warp Screen lets you send Kirby to the level of your choice. Fans of DREAM LAND who found the game not quite challenging enough will be pleased with the complexity of KIRBY’S PINBALL LAND.
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