High School Musical: The Concert - Full Screen - DVD - Used

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Bonus Features: 1. Jordan Pruitt (Concert Warm-Up Act) -- 'Jump To The Rhythm'; 'Teenager'; 'Outside Looking In'; 'Miss Popularity' 2. U Direct (Set-Top Interactive) -- You are the video director! Monique invites you to enter our special control booth and watch the concert looking at four different camera angles simultaneously. Select the camera you would like to see put up on the big monitor. Every time you select a shot, it is cut in sync with the show. The control booth includes our Fan Cam where you can see what cast members are doing backstage as the show is going on. 3. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: On The Road -- Spend 24 hours on tour with your favorite HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL stars. From early morning until they walk on stage that night, see what goes on during their road tour. Lucas gives you an exclusive tour of the cast dressing rooms and tour bus. Plus, see what the cast does backstage during the show. 4. 'HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2' Sneak Peek

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