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Heavenly Guardian embodies the fast paced fun and adventure of the classic arcade shooter while utilizing the powers of the Nintendo® Wii to add new thrills to the genre. Journey through various environments and fight through a variety of mythological creatures! Fight the journey solo, or gain the aid of your companions in cooperative two-player action. Search for power-ups and special items to vanquish the evil gods and save your love from death. Classic Arcade Feel – Heavenly Guardian has all the trappings of an arcade classic including fast, finger twitching shooter action. Graphics – This title features beautifully hand drawn 2D animation, combined with amazing special effects, giving the user a gorgeous backdrop to explore. With over the top enemies, gigantic bosses and special attacks that fill up the entire screen, you will stay glued to the screen. Modes – Play through tons of different modes like Story, Boss Attack, Score Attack and Time Attack, which will give this title legs beyond the first play though. Multiplayer – Take a friend with you on this journey as you battle together in the Co-Op mode.
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