Hard Drivin' - Sega Genesis - Used

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At one time or another, most of us dream of pushing our cars to the limit, just to see what they're capable of doing. Of course, you aren't going to get much performance out of that Honda Civic, so it would probably be a let down if you really did put the pedal to the metal. But now, thanks to HARD DRIVIN' for the Sega Genesis, you can live out your wildest driving fantasies. Based on the arcade hit of the same name, in HARD DRIVIN' you'll find two different tracks: the Speed Track and the Stunt Track. While the Speed Track will challenge you to push maximum RPMs; the Stunt Track will give you the chance to drive on something that resembles a Hot Wheels trackラcomplete with ridiculously banked turns, jumps, and even full loops. Whether you're a speed demon or a daredevil, HARD DRIVIN' will give you exactly what you need.
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