Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - XBOX - New

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GUILTY GEAR X2: RELOAD revives the fighting tournament designed to find humans skilled enough to thwart the Gear threat. Take over 20 playable fighters, with 6 outrageous new characters. Use electrifying new moves and features, like Psych Burst, Faultless Defense, the all-new Burst Gauge system and more. Devastate your opponent with an arsenal of eye-popping, jaw-dropping moves and combos, including trademarks like Overdrive Attack, Gatling Combo, Roman Cancel and signature Instant Kills for each character. Mind-blowing high-resolution graphics, brain-numbing gameplay speed, a killer Rock & Metal soundtrack, outrageous movies and lots of extras. Guilty Gear X2: Reload will floor you. You can fight back.
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