F-15 Strike Eagle II - Sega Genesis - Used

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Now you can climb into the cockpit of the most powerful jet fighter in the world and get your own cool nicknameラalthough モMaverickヤ and モIcemanヤ are already takenラwith F-15 STRIKE EAGLE II for the Sega Genesis. Master the art of flying at Mach 2 as you execute a perfect barrel roll and score a kill at 30,000 feet! You'll be engaging in dogfights and staging air-to-ground missile attacks as you take to the skies in your F-15. Using your advanced tracking system, find the enemy and nail him with pinpoint accuracy before he even has a chance to scream モMayday!ヤ If you've always wanted to fly the best fighter plane the U.S. owns but lacked the $100 million to buy one, now's your chance with F-15 STRIKE EAGLE II.
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