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Powerful young Ecco is a true child of the sea. But his safe ocean home turns threatening when his family is swept away by a mysterious windstorm. Now Ecco faces a treacherous quest to save the dolphins - and quite possibly the world!

  • Explore 17 levels of breathtaking beauty! Travel the world's waters, from the rip tides of southern gulfs to the polar ice caps!
  • Battle real dangers! Sharks, stinging coral, poisonous jellyfish and deadly reefs washed by powerful currents threaten Ecco's life!
  • Use sonar to reveal unmarked passages through the briny mazes. Get valuable help from secretive Glyphs. Discover vital air in hidden caves!

All our Game Gear games include the game cartridge and a plastic clamshell storage case. Manuals and boxes are only included where specified.
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