Disney's Lizzie McGuire 2: Lizzie Diaries - GBA - Used

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Lizzie McGuire 2 is more than just a game! You can play the exciting arcade game When Cheerleaders Attack! And you and your friends can have fun with exciting games like, Gordo's Gunk, Dots and Boxes, Box Bash, Memory, Droppers and Hangman. You can also use Lizzie McGuire for the GBA as the centerpiece of any party! Lizzie McGuire 2 becomes the hit of the party as girls can use it to guide them through crazy party games like Charades, MatchMaker, Fill-In's and Operator. Finally, to help plan for the next party, Lizzie McGuire for the GBA will let players keep track of friends' contact information, important dates, and of course, horoscopes and biorhythms.
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