Dick Vitale's Awesome Baby! College Hoops - Sega Genesis - Used

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As if you couldn't get enough of college basketball's most insightful (if not somewhat annoying) color analyst, now you listen to his rants anytime you're in the mood thanks to DICK VITALE'S モAWESOME, BABY!ヤ COLLEGE HOOPS. You'll also be able to partake in some intense college basketball action. There are 32 teams to choose from, four major conferences, and all the rules of the college game in effect. There are four gameplay options to choose from: Tournament, 2-on-2, Slamfest, and Single Game. In addition to providing his unique brand of color commentary, Vitale also supplies you with offensive and defensive plays that he designed himself (he used to be a coach). If you think you've got what it takes to be a モP.T.P.-erヤラthat's モPrime-Time Playerヤ in Vitale-eseラthen get your hands on this game.
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