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The first-person shooter boasts a competitive online multiplayer component and a thrilling single-player campaign. Advanced graphical features include dynamic environment mapping, interactive water with real-time reflection, and four-stage texture composition including gloss, diffuse, and bump mapping. Features “Next-Gen” Visuals Dynamic environment mapping, interactive water with real time reflection, and four stage texture composition including gloss, diffuse, and bump mapping all make this the best looking game on the Wii. Fearsome Enemies A vast number of terrifying alien creatures work against you as you attempt to prevent the invasion. Intelligent Behavior Enemies make use of human-like behavior in combat including use of cover and tactical thinking. Intense Weaponry Unleash destruction with a huge arsenal of human and alien weaponry that utilizes the innovative Wii controller for unique firing modes. Secrets Revealed Use a device called the All Seeing Eye (ASE) to reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing a deeper level of puzzle solving. Don’t Trust Anyone Up to 16 players simultaneously compete against each other in online Multiplayer, including Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. Talk trash using online voice chat through the new WiiSpeak peripheral.
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