Bubba 'n' Stix - Sega Genesis - Used

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Bubba and his sidekick Stix are an interesting pairラBubba is a happy-go-lucky bumpkin and Stix isナwell, he's a stick with a personality. One day while going about their daily routine, BUBBA ムN' STIX are abducted by aliens that plan on putting them in their zoo. On the way home, the alien spacecraft crashes and Bubba and Stix are able to escape. Of course, the boys are now on an alien planet, so things are a little bit different here than they are on Earth. Take control of Bubba as he wields Stix as a weapon and tries to find a way back home. You'll have to solve mind-boggling puzzles and fight all kinds of wacky aliens if you're planning to return to Earth, so you'll have to have fast reflexes and be able to think fast.
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