Bonkers: Wax Up with manual - Game Gear - Used

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Toon terror rules! Creepy Madame Who-Said has lured Bonkers to her ancient Wax Museum. She's been busy coating famous Toons with wax to make statues for her displays. Now she needs Bonkers to top off her Gruesome collection!

  • Bonkers must duck, dodge, and side-step a museum-full of tricky traps set by Madame's demented brother!
  • Help Bonkers sneak through 6 chambers of horror--without ending up a hot-waxed has-been!
  • Reach pal Lucky in time or he'll get a lasting spray-coat of sticky goo!
  • Find and assemble the Toon Toaster and un-wax the Toons! Its pieces are hidden all over the museum!

All our Game Gear games include the game cartridge and a plastic clamshell storage case. Manuals and boxes are only included where specified.
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