Bimini Run - Sega Genesis - Used

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Get ready to hit the high seas as you find yourself in a mythical time warp in BIMINI RUN for the Sega Genesis. You're Kenji Ohara, and your arch nemesisラthe dastardly Dr. Orcaラhas kidnapped your sister Kim and taken her to his secret island fortress. It's a race against time, as you must save Kim and destroy the doctor's B.A.M. Technology before he unleashes it on the world. In your ultra high-tech powerboat, you must take to the open waters and battle Orca's henchmen, who will come at you in boats, helicopters, and land-based missile silos. But that's just the beginningラyou must also navigate the Bimini Zone, a strange warp in time where nothing is quite as it seems. The fate of the entire world is in your hands, so strap on your lifejacket and get ready for a wet and wild fight in BIMINI RUN.
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