Cabela's Big Game Hunter - Wii - Used

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Take an incredible adventure to the world's marquee hunting locations in pursuit of the most sought-after and exotic big game trophy animals. You will need to put your hunting skills and techniques to the test to master real-life hunting strategies and bring down legendary big game. Along your journey you will meet hunting guides that will offer helpful hints, find unlockable hunts for birds and small game and have surprise encounters with dangerous game. Are you ready for the hunting adventure of a lifetime? Features Eleven species of trophy deer including Whitetail, Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, Sitka, Desert Mule Deer, Columbian Black Tail and more! North America’s top hunting regions across 24 states and provinces ranging from the Sonoran Desert to the Yukon Territory Fast paced hunting action – 96 missions that put you right into the middle of the hunt All new hunts including calling in turkeys from a blind, scaring up pheasants with a hunting dog and long range varmint hunting Complete career hunting slams across 5 animal species Compete in over 20 shooting competitions based on real-life tournaments
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