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Rod Blue, a down-on-his-luck rock promoter, is struggling to find the one act that will change his life forever. He needs a headliner; someone big, someone with power, someone like Frank Sinatra! He decides to travel to L.A. to convince Sinatra's people that he's the one to promote Ol' Blue Eyes' come back tour in Australia. Rod is young and green, but he's got confidence and charisma, and that just happens to be Frankie's style. Sadly, Rod has fallen for the wrong girl: blonde-bombshell gossip columnist Hilary Hunter (Portia de Rossi). When Sinatra and girlfriend Barbara Marx (Melanie Griffith) arrive, Hilary starts asking all the wrong questions. As the spotlight beings to heat up, Ol' Blue Eyes starts seeing red, taking aim at the media. As a result the local unions hold him hostage in his hotel room -- no water, no room service, and no fuel for his jet - until he apologizes. But Frank Sinatra does things his way, and the words 'I'm sorry' don't fit the bill.
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