I Get a Kick Out of Cullum

Posted on 15, Mar

Just recently I’ve become hooked on Jamie Cullum. I mean, what’s not to love? He’s a jazzy, poppy, bluesy dude who covers everyone from Rihanna to Jeff Buckley. But he’s not cover artist. His original songs hold their own against the covers. He sings, plays piano, plays guitar and sometimes provides his own beat on the drums. If you haven’t given this talented Brit a chance, I suggest that you do. He’s got a little something for everyone.

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Video Game Playlist Round 2

Posted on 9, Jun

These are all tracks that are about, are featured in, or are inspired by my hobby of choice, video games! A couple of these songs have been in game trailers and cinematic intros. Others are from actual game play. Still others only hint at their video game related inspiration. See if you recognize any of them for yourself.

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New Music Sampler

Posted on 5, May

By Kate The title of this playlist pretty much says it all: I chose one song from each of five albums that have been released in the last couple of months (or in the last couple of weeks, for two of them). New album releases tend to slow down during the holiday season and then […]

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Good Morning Spring Mix 2011

Posted on 25, Apr

Whether you ride your bike to work or slow dance the commute in your car, adding these songs to your morning routine will make this spring 100 times more awesome!

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Guilty Pleasures

Posted on 19, Apr

This list is called “Guilty Pleasures.” It’s a few songs I like but wouldn’t necessarily admit to liking, in no particular order. Enjoy.

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Do you love 80’s Music? Do you find yourself hosting 80’s dance parties on a regular basis? Then mix these tracks into your 80’s playlist for some added pizazz. All the bands featured were formed in the new millennia (2001 – )…but you sure as heck couldn’t tell.

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