MTG Ultimate Masters Release

Posted on 27, Nov

Pick up the latest Magic: The Gathering release, Ultimate Masters from your local Slackers when it comes out on December 7th!

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No Man’s Sky

Posted on 6, Sep

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game for PS4 from indie developer Hello Games that incorporates some survival, combat, crafting and trading components. During your time with the game, you will encounter alien life forms, both friendly and hostile, robotic ‘Sentinels’ that seem to police every corner of the galaxy to varying degrees, pirates that will attack in open space if they detect valuable cargo, fugitive spacecraft that will have a bounty available for their destruction, and rumors of a secret at the center of the universe.

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Pick up Fallout 4 today!

Posted on 10, Nov
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New Releases 6/30/15

Posted on 30, Jun

Music [itunes id=”985427512″] [itunes id=”999127640″] [itunes id=”988225166″] [itunes id=”1011549230″] [itunes id=”980435757″] [itunes id=”1005194169″] [itunes id=”982710797″] [itunes id=”999051243″] [itunes id=”989008661″] [itunes id=”991353044″] Movies Games /

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New Releases 6/23/15

Posted on 23, Jun

Music [itunes id=”975950518″] [itunes id=”978410567″] [itunes id=”988235741″] [itunes id=”986045800″] [itunes id=”986229457″] [itunes id=”1001313346″] Movies Games

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