The Geekly Podcast is celebrating its 100th episode with a special event hosted at the Fairview Heights Slackers location Saturday, July 18th!

Event Details

  • 1:15 PM Live recording of Geekly Podcast Episode 100 with live broadcast by Periscope.

  • 2:30 PM Chat with the hosts about hitting the 100 episode milestone. Have some cake!

    Meet Dave Gordon, writer and artist for Lion Forge Comics.
    Meet Matt Burton, local game developer, and play his game NINJEVADE.
    Meet Skipp Mayer, Batman Cosplayer.

  • 3:15 PM Super Smash Bros. Tournament begins! Winner will receive a Super Smash Belt and $50 Slackers Gift Certificate. 2nd Place winner will receive a $25 Slackers Gift Certificate!

  • 4:45 PM Drawings for special prizes – $25 Slackers Gift Certificate, StilL 630 Whiskey & Glass (winner must be 21 or over), and Geekly Podcast Tee Shirts.