Bit Brigade


Due to an injury, Bit Brigade will be unable to perform The Legend of Zelda, and will be performing Mega Man instead. We wish the members of Bit Brigade well and look forward to MEGABAND!

HI! Slackers is giving away two pairs of tickets to Bit Brigade with Thor Axe at The Luminary! The event starts at 8:00 PM October 13th.

Bit Brigade

When Bit Brigade rolls into town, the gamer elite hang up the controller for the evening and see a rock show. With unprecedented attention to detail and post-rock bombast, Bit Brigade meticulously replicates every musical cue, cutscene and boss battle in perfect syncronization with master gamer Noah McCarthy’s inspiring speed-trial run of each level. Composed of members of roadwarrior (both stateside and abroad) mathrock bands Cinemechanica and We Versus The Shark, Bit Brigade elevates game music to its proper place in the foreground of epic technical rock and plays the games like they don’t need the extra lives. Which, for the record, they don’t.

For the show at The Luminary, Bit Brigade will be performing The Legend of Zelda!!!

Thor Axe

Thor Axe, an instru-metal experiment in swirling intensity and magic, remerges from the foggy depths St. Louis music history. Originally conceived as a side project by a mix of well-known local bands, it includes members from So Many Dynamos, The Gorge, and a Lionel Richie Tribute band. With cleverly named songs like “Bloodweiser” and “Girth Quake”, the power ensemble crafts triumphant, intricate, and highly technical songs.

So they play the game… AND the music?

Yes. To give you a better idea (or hold you over until the show), here’s a sweet video of Bit Brigade performing Mega Man 2 at MAGFest X. NOTE: The crowd gets a little excited, and there’s some NSFW language.

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The winners will be chosen on October 10th at random from all entries submitted. We will be contacting the winners by phone, so please be sure to give us a number where we can reach you that morning**.

Thank you for your interest! This drawing has now ended and a winner will be selected shortly!

** If we are unable to contact a winner, we will leave a message with our contact info. If we have not heard back within an hour, we will have to choose a new winner. We will repeat this process until a pair of champions emerge!