by Karly Baird

 There hasn’t been a movie quite like the one directors and writers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan presented to audiences in the summer  of 2013. This Is the End, making well over 20 million dollars in its opening weekend, is the epitome of every comedy fan’s dream movie. Audiences will find themselves buckling from side-splitting laughter thanks to the outstanding plot Goldberg and Rogan have created and brilliantly brought to the silver screen. Not to mention, everyone who is anyone appears in this movie as themselves, including Seth Rogan. This Is the End, though not known for its unique filming techniques or special angles, lighting, or designs, has celebrity cameos including (but not limited to) Rihanna, Emma Watson, Aziz Ansari, Channing Tatum, and, unforgettably, Michael Cera.

As the handsome and (slightly) narcissistic James Franco hosts a big name Hollywood party in his newly designed mansion, the world around them suddenly comes to a screeching halt and giant beams of light take away those who “deserve” to go to Heaven. Those remaining after the apocalypse (James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson) must fight to survive the end of the world. The group tries to overcome possession, cannibalism, and hunger as they attempt to prove to the world that they all deserve to go to Heaven. Unfortunately, their path is being blocked by a giant, man-eating, demon-like beast who is more than determined to send them all straight to Hell.

This Is the End has outstanding special effects and all of the actors did a wonderful job portraying the life of well-known comedic actors. Although that sounds easy, it must be difficult to not be a character onscreen. The interpretation of what post-apocalyptic Los Angeles would look like was incredible, especially in how people, comedians specifically, would handle the need to scavenge food, preserve water, and establish roles within the surviving society. Of course, as deep and analytical as all this sounds, this movie does it all in a highly comedic fashion.

This movie was on the list of most quotable movies of all time before it hit theaters. It is certainly a film to be compared to Anchorman, Airplane, Spinal Tap, Superbad, Office Space, and so many more. The scenes are memorable and the actors are genius. There isn’t a scene that ends without making some kind of reference to previous works actors have done or inside jokes many of them have. At the end of the film it is easy to imagine Rogan, Franco, and others sitting around a table, drinks in hand, discussing ideas for this movie. This Is the End is a great inside look at the lives of these comedians and their relationships with each other.

 Although the soundtrack for this film is more like a Now greatest hits album, it is easy to say that the best track is “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys. Without giving away spoilers, this song does not play in the background in the movie. It can’t be missed and must be appreciated. Snoop Dogg, Cyprus Hill, Whitney Houston, Norman Greenbaum, and others appear on this album and it’s certainly nice to have when referencing this movie.

This Is the End did not disappoint. Although not ranking at the top of the list of mind-blowing, highly-appreciated movies of the summer it does find its way into the hearts of audiences. It is, most definitely, not a family friendly movie.  However, it is perfect for adults and great for nights in. It is now on Bluray and DVD and can be found at your local Slackers!