by Nancy McDonald

Earlier this year, I ceased working at the Glen Carbon Slackers location and began focusing on writing more reviews for this website. One thing I miss about working at the store is my coworkers. I had some great coworkers who really personified what working as a team really means, and… Hold on… Give me a minute… I always gag a little when I kiss so much a**. But, seriously, I miss those guys. Another thing I miss is getting to listen to different music due to the fact that we took turns putting in cds during our shifts. So I might show up and, depending on who was working, I’d hear The Beatles followed by Metallica and then someone would throw on Massive Attack. Here are some albums that make me think of a few of my coworkers:

 Silent Hill soundtrack – If you’ve played any of the Silent Hill video games, you know it’s creepy and, if you’ve paid attention, the score to it is just as creepy. I played this one night and my coworker asked, “What’s this?” I told her and we continued working. There are a few tracks where it’s just… noise. Grating, irritating, noise. She finally said, “I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” That’s when I knew that I could never play the soundtrack in her presence again. It’s still really good, though. I mean, if you can get past the couple of grating, irritating noise tracks.

 Fear Fun by Father John Misty – I discovered this when a coworker decided we should only play music we’d never heard before. We both fell for this cd and rightfully so. It’s a little bit of rock, a little bit of indie, and a pinch of country twang. Of course, it helps that he has a song called, “Nancy From Now On.” Yep, that sealed the deal for this gal.

  The Hard Way by James Hunter – There was a Saturday when I wasn’t feeling well and a coworker put this on. If I’m being honest, a lot of the songs on this cd kind of sound the same to me (and normally I hate albums like that), but this clicked for me and it took my mind off of my headache. I suppose he’s not the most original sounding artist, as a different coworker once said to me, “Yeah, he’s alright. But if I wanted to listen to Ray Charles, I’d listen to Ray Charles.” Nevertheless, I like the guy. His songs have an old-fashioned feel to them for sure and are jazzed up for good measure. “Hand It Over” is the standout track for me.

Anywhere But Home by Evanescence- This is a greatest hits cd by Evanescence. Every time my coworker would throw this on, I was transported back to when the Daredevil soundtrack was HUGE. You couldn’t go a day without hearing “Bring Me to Life” 20 times. I had escaped the song for years and had almost forgotten about it until this particular employee was hired, and then it all came flooding back. And, I hate to admit it, but I remembered all the lyrics.