June 9th 2012

We Rage in Space Once Again.

Betamod.com and Drew Digital Present:

Space Rager 2: 8-Bit Bugaloo

It’s been two years since Betamod brought you Space Rager, one of the most massive Video Game Music Dance Parties the midwest has ever seen. Now, We bring to you an 8-bit party of even more epic proportions, well earning its title as 8-Bit Bugaloo!

Get down to some extremely talented producers who chose to harness the sounds of vintage video game consoles to create wonderfully modern music. you will see and hear devices such as the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Commodore 64, the Atari ST, the Sega Master System and many more. You will See performers using Gameboys live on stage to create music you never dreamed a gameboy could make. Your chest will be pounded by the thunderous bass. Your face will be melted by the intricate production work. Your Brain will tingle with delight at the astonishing expressiveness withheld in this seemingly obsolete technology.

Performances By:

  • RainbowDragonEyes
  • Nonfinite
  • Fake Brad
  • Bit Mummy
  • S~~t Bird
  • The Lame Boyz
  • Player Two
  • Doomsberry
  • OverThink
  • Dustin E

Video Game themed Black Light Body Painting by Drew Digital

This massive 8-bit Party will be held at

The Crack Fox
1114 Olive Street
St. Louis, Mo 62101