By Luke

This list is called “Guilty Pleasures.” It’s a few songs I like but wouldn’t necessarily admit to liking, in no particular order. Enjoy.

MadonnaCrazy for You
There are certain songs that make you think of odd things when you hear them.  For some reason when I hear this song, I remember sitting on my living room floor in 1983 organizing my Return of the Jedi trading cards. Strange, but true. . . The video must have been on MTV at the same time.

Bobby Brown – Every Little Step
I really like Bobby Brown, and this is one of my favorites.  I saw him in concert 4 or so years ago- he still has moves!

Debbie GibsonOnly in My Dreams
So. . . I am a closet Debbie (Deborah) Gibson fan.  Her music and look really demonstrate how much fun the 80′s were.

Matthew WilderBreak My Stride
Another fun song- I will never turn the radio off when this song is on.

Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
Who can deny the fact that Rick Astley is now to the music industry what Rocky Horror has been to the movie industry- this song has become a cult favorite for countless people (myself included).

Terrence Trent D’ArbyWishing Well
Terrence Trent D’Arby is, I believe, a very underrated artist.  He has a great voice, cool look (for the time) and awesome dance moves. Just watch the video for Wishing Well and you will understand.

I wanted to include Milli Vanilli’sBlame it on the Rain’ here too, but it wouldn’t publish to my list.  This was the first song I ever slow-danced to in the 7th grade. (I believe that would have been 1989-1990, for those who are keeping track.) It brings back the sweet, sweet memories of junior high dances. Girls on one side, guys on the other, one chair designated as a crying chair for the girl who had her heart broken and a ten foot deep circle of her friends comforting her. Good times!

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