By Trevor

Do you love 80’s Music? Do you find yourself hosting 80’s dance parties on a regular basis? Then mix these tracks into your 80’s playlist for some added pizazz. All the bands featured were formed in the new millennia (2001 – )…but you sure as heck couldn’t tell.

These tracks are guaranteed to get your party started right. and when the sound hits your dance guests, prepare for them to Totally Spaz Out! It’ll be Gnarly! – Long Live the 80’s!

Turn It Up – Grum
Grums’ 2010 album debut Heartbeats is incredible. How he didn’t just completely blow up is beyond me. Among the many synth heavy smash hits, Turn It Up is the albums crown Jewel. Invoking Like a Prayer era vocals, you’d swear Madonna herself was behind the mic.

I’ll Get You – Classixx
Hailing from Los Angeles, this DJ Duo have been on a tear with successful remixes for a diverse group of artists: Phoenix, LadyHawk, Major Lazor and more. I’ll Get You is an original production featuring Jeppe (Junior Senior).

Sometimes – Miami Horror
Miami Horror is a one man show in the studio (Benjamin Plant) or a four piece in it’s live incantation. Drawing on dance-pop influences from the 70’s & 80’s every song produced by Miami Horror opens a portal to a real life John Hughes film.

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