by Jessica Walters

I’m in love with Girls

HBO’s Girls is an addictively good show created and written by Lena Dunham, who also stars. I didn’t know much about the show except that Lena was a multi-talented lady who had a program on HBO . I rented the first season and watched it nonstop. As soon as I returned the box set, I was haunted by the thought of wanting to watch it again. I waited a full weekend and on Monday morning, I became the proud owner of Girls: Season One on Blu-ray. It’s a very real and relevant portrayal of life for a group of twenty-something ladies, each with her own perspective. There are some scandalous and in your face scenes, (so be advised that this is probably not a show that you would want youngsters watching) but there are also lighthearted and some genuinely tender moments. While I love every episode, these are some of my favorites:


It’s not often that the pilot of a show is all that appealing. Normally, you have to wait until a few shows in before the program really takes off. That’s not the case here- Girls grabs you right from the start with the introduction of main character Hannah Horvath. She is struggling with the recent news that she’s been cut off financially by her parents and then also loses her internship. Hannah and the other characters are at this point where they are no longer young girls but are still moving forward into becoming grown-ups. Throughout the show, Girls illustrates that gray area in life where you can enjoy where you have been and want to move forward, but also still fear having to change.

Hannah’s Diary

Hannah and Adam are in what is perceived by her friends as an unhealthy relationship. Finally feeling fed up with the way things have been going, she unleashes a full blown explosion of her feelings to him. Your heart just goes out to her in this moment-  you see that she’s aware that this a toxic situation but that she is also still in love with him, and can’t help risking rejection. Despite the drama of this moment, it’s Hannah’s diary that makes the real statement in this episode when it’s discovered, and her secret thoughts are exposed.

Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

Hannah and Adam are starting the beginning stages of an actual courtship. There are consecutive times at the start of this episode that make you feel all gushy inside. For example, when Adam says to Hannah, “I don’t do ice cream, it’s like sweet mucus.” He then takes a lick from Hannah’s ice cream cone and makes a grossed-out face. “If you don’t like ice cream, what do you like?” “I like you. . .”  I love it!  Adam is definitely weird, a bit gross and he seems a little off at times. He expresses himself with maybe a little too much honesty, but he’s genuine all the same. Despite his grossness and strangeness, I like him and want to see more of him and Hannah together.

She Did

Jessa hasn’t been around for a while and then out of the blue she sends a text, “Please come to the most important party of my life, 7pm sharp, dress real nice and come.” This mysterious event is actually Jessa’s surprise wedding. I won’t say who the groom is so as not to spoil it but I find it hard to believe that this is the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. At the event, Hannah mentions to Adam that she found a replacement roommate (instead of him, as they’d been discussing). It’s then that my heart goes out to Adam; I just want to grab Hannah by the shoulders and shake some sense into her and tell her to think.  There’s a great mix of the joy of being loved and the tragedy of heartbreak  in this episode but ultimately, the tragedy feels like it outweighs the love.

Girls: Season One is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Season Two  will be released August 13, 2013.