by Jessica Walters

Are you looking for a hilarious  show to watch? Cougar Town, starring Courtney Cox, is a kooky, funny show that you are sure to enjoy. Co-creator Bill Lawrence, who has had success in other popular television shows such as The Drew Carey Show, Spin City and Scrubs may be regretful about the name of this show, but don’t let that impact your decision to give it a chance. So many of the episodes are enjoyable and a little absurd that it’s difficult to choose my favorite ones, but these are some of my top picks.

“Scare Easy”

The invention of Penny Can, otherwise known as the greatest game ever! It is basically throwing a penny in a metal can and if you make it in then you shout, “Penny Can!” It gets more elaborate as the seasons progress. In the meantime, Andy has been keeping a secret from his wife Ellie (Christa Miller): that Bobby, Jules’s (Courtney Cox) ex husband, and Grayson, the next door neighbor, both have feelings for Jules. Lori (Busy Phillips) gets angry when her new boyfriend, Smith goes back to school. She finds comfort in the arms of Grayson which can only lead to disaster.

“Don’t Come Around Here No More”

  Grayson accuses Jules of not being capable of being alone and bets her $20 that she can’t have a full day by herself. Challenge accepted- that is until an alligator shows up in her pool and she calls upon Andy to take care of the situation. Then Lori wants to come over but needs a ride from a boyfriend’s place. So Jules sneaks out and brings her back to her house. It’s such a nice day; Jules decides to secretly have people over for a quite barbecue  Grayson catches her and she has to pay up. Jules tells Bobby and Andy to invite Grayson over for the barbecue and when the guys don’t come back after a while she heads over to Grayson’s. The guys are all caught up in watching Rudy so to lure them back, she offers “the full Shawshank experience” over at her house. Ultimately, it is a great barbecue Saturday.

“Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”

Another great invention in this show is the truth guns. Shape your hand in the form of a gun and point the barrel (pointer finger) to a person’s temple. Ask them a question and they have to answer truthfully. Andy truth guns Jules, “If Ellie and I weren’t married would we be friends?” She tells him maybe not. Jules decides she needs to strengthen their relationship. They go to lunch and Andy recites a story about his grandmother and when she danced up a storm at a party. Afterwards, Jules agrees to celebrate her upcoming birthday by going dancing. Ellie later confides in Jules that he made it all up, “He’s Keyser Soze.”(Usual Suspects) Truth guns are flying in this episode.

Cougar Town starts off a little slow but stick with it and you might just love it like I do. When season one came out and I got to watch all the episodes back to back, I was ready to move to Florida, become a real estate agent, and drink wine all day with my best friends. I decided that it would actually be more feasible to just change my work schedule so I could watch episodes as they aired from my home. Sadly, Cougar Town is no longer on ABC but you can check out new seasons on TBS.

Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on DVD, and seasons 1 –3 are available through iTunes.